Restaurant Tip Sheet (Food & Wine)

Cocktail Haven

Nashville: In East Nashville, it's hard to say what's better at Holland House: the cocktails from Jeremiah Blake or the New Southern dishes. I missed Monday's bourbon-and-burger night (each one is half price). Still, I was perfectly happy with a Kelso Cola #2 (apricot bourbon and cola with coffee-Guinness foam) and Kentucky fried catfish with a side of field pea hoppin' john.

Helene Michelle (Media and PR)

The Best Bar to . . . Hide Out in When Business Goes Bad: Holland House (Entrepreneur Magazine)

When a deal falls through--whether it's because your prospective partner was a flake or the funding wasn't there--the last place you want to go is somewhere everybody knows your name. You want to go to a place dark enough that you can wallow, with a drink menu to take the edge off and a bartender skilled enough to craft whatever you want and serve it up with discretion. A refuge, so to speak.

Helene Michelle (Media and PR)